Saturday, January 01, 2011

More Howlite Art, Crow 2 and Flamingo 2

I'm doing the Flamingo as a larger version and trying out some new ideas. I'm letting it sit tonight and will finish it tomorrow. I used some pigments instead of ink and paint and really like what came through, it sparkles in real life.

I had a different Flamingo pose picked out. No matter what I did, it looked awful. That's when I discovered you can remove the permanent ink with sandpaper and an exacto, or fiberglas brush. Cool. I totally scraped off the painting I had done and started over with the same bird. The rock just said it was the perfect picture. Tomorrow, I'll put the black ink, in.

This is another pose of the crow that I used to feed, Marvin. He was such a neat bird, he was right outside in this picture, expecting his treats, and yes, he walked like that, he knew he was top bird.

The other crow piece has sold, but this crow is currently available. Oh yes, I got rid of the golden retriever, gonna do a border collie puppy on it instead for another friend.

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