Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Princess Dress

A different piece for me. I really liked the drama and swirl of the dress.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Procrastination. Prespiration, and Presentation

> The room was lovely and crafters and artists were allowed to take whatever spots they wanted. Lighting and visibility were perfect for any of them. You backed onto windows which, in the evening with the reflection, showed you how big your butt is, or how many rolls you have, and how messy you may or may not have been behind the drapes of the table, total exposure. There were volunteers there to help if you needed someone to watch your table while you ran out for a minute. Parking was a dream.


> I made business cards, forgot the holder. I made a little flyer, did not proof (last minute you know), and left out a crucial word. They did not get put on the table when I spotted that. I dressed very nice, wore make up, curled hair. Got there way too late, should have probably been there an hour earlier (was busy make business cards and bad flyers).


> A few things I forgot....change, cash box, credit card machine, bags, guest book, receipt book. I did bring a piece that was almost finished and finished him in about 15 minutes. So, since I work mostly in scratchboard, I basically engaged customers by taking a poll as to whether he should have color added or not. (It's a singing kitten and would have colored eyes, nose and tongue). The border collie picture got a lot of discussion too. I did work my conversation skills on the very limited audience, yet an audience that was there specifically for pet portraits. I did not get names, addresses, promises of future work or commissions.


> I berated myself all the way home, did the "get out of art conversation", "you should have been prepared conversation", but one thing I did not doubt, what I had there WAS beautiful work. I donated a t-shirt that I've never been able to sell and it was bought.


> So, this morning, in the harsh light of day, I say to myself, did I enjoy myself...yes, was I But I have a two day show coming up next weekend...will this all be rectified...most of it, and will I have a better handle on things, you bet, I'm still smarting from this one.