Friday, April 17, 2009

The Aquarium

I also managed to get a summer job (on top of everything else...when you're starving, ya know) at the Oregon Coast Aquarium Gift Shop. I spend every spare minute taking photos. Right now, the main exhibit is Oddwater. This is an exhibit of all the strange underwater animals you can find in the ocean. I'm taking loads of pictures.



Starting an Aussie picture. I was not happy with the initial start on this one. It's hard to explain but it was not exciting me, and when a piece does not get me excited, it can take a long time. So I had some free time last night to really sit and analyze what was not reaching me. I may finish it at some time as an exercise to stretch my imagination, but not right now. I started a new picture of Cash, one that focuses on his face and especially his eyes. Eyes are extremely important to me. So here is the first work in progress and I can't wait to work on him tonight.