Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday, June 21 (I think)

I got to man the store today while Pat visited with Kids in Portland (Happy Birthday Sara). Sara is our IT expert and Pat took the computer up for a little tweaking. I guess Alex (Pat's grandson) and Rudy (Shop Dog) got along famously, i.e., toddler drops food, dog eats food, dog follows toddler everywhere.

At the shop, there was a nice steady flow of visitors. Many were in hysterics at the comments made by the "Perfect Man" doll in the shop and I had some small visitors rolling on the floor with the resident "Tickle Me Elmo".

There was a great car show, parade and all sorts of events going on. Lots of fun things to do in the sleepy little town of Waldport. The weather didn't hold up, we had a few sunbreaks but it's drizzle this evening.

See you tomorrow, oh wait, I wanted to share one more picture with you. The Brown Pelicans were migrating through last week and I managed to snag this shot. Is this cool or what? Tomorrow I'll start talking about our Vendors, our foundation and our favorite people.