Saturday, August 18, 2007

Peacock-Selling the Drama

I did this one at the Farmer's Market today. I then went and matted it. The mat is not crooked, just my photography. Anyway, it's on silver scratchboard. There's a company going out of business ( that creates metalic paper...wonderful stuff...I'm going to go back and buy more tomorrow. Anyway, I used a bright gold metal paper, and then all the peacock colors I could find...I may add even more gold, this is so pretty!
I've to find a 12 x12 frame now. Not sure if I want something ornate or simple.

Thanks for looking,


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Polar Bears

An artgroup I'm on has a monthly challenge...this month it was polar bears. Here's my offering.


Larry Done

His eyebrows were not on the same line, and the ear phones were so vague that I had to make them up. I'm calling it done.

Update: Larry finally saw it and it goes up on the web this weekend, he found it...."unique".

Friday, August 03, 2007

Charlie, ACD

I was contacted by someone that remembered me. She wanted to know if I could do a portrait for ACD rescue. I said no, and then promptly went out and did one, and it will be in the calendar (I hope). Anyway, he was picked up, found to be full of bbs, and in shot, and is now in his forever home learning to be a therapy dog. I met the other therapy dog these people had and she was wonderful. I would say he has some pretty big paws to fill but, from what I've heard, he's doing it effortlessly and lovingly in spite of a not so good beginning.

The thing I love about this particular breed is that they always look like they got a spare part off of another dog. Derby, another ACD I knew, was a red but had a black and white spotted tail. Charlie is a beautiful spotted silvery color, with what looks like solid black ears (probably borrowed from a German Shepherd, just kidding). I had several shots of him, most of them when he looked very serious, but this one, although I'm not overjoyed with drawing tongues, had the most beautiful expression of happiness and I sincerely hope I captured it. I think I did.