Monday, January 10, 2011

For Kicks and Grins Occasionally

I belong to a group that does an exchange of artist trading cards. I've gotten Larry before and really admire his work and his persistence. He likes starlets so I decided to do one. However, I don't have television and have no idea what's out there. When you search the internet for starlets you get some very strange things. I decided to make one one. On wet canvas, there've been several artists experimenting with graphite on the white scratchboards. So, I figured I'd didn't last very long before I whipped out the inks and painted and scratched. However, I did leave all the skin in graphite which makes her a very strange starlet. I know Larry will love her. I did give her a great title too..."Do You Like My New Shoes?"  There're are no feet involved and I'm sure her heels would be very round, he he.

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