Monday, June 28, 2010

Fudge Slinging

One of the jobs performed at the aquarium gift shop is selling fudge. I have a knack for it and enjoy luring people over to try a superb product. The other day, I wrote a poem about it. Just for fun.

Slinging fudge could be a drudge
Unless you're at the Aquarium
Employees sell with glee
But only at the Aquarium
No pouts or sulks, just smiles you see
From employees
Who sell Fudge
At the Aquarium
So come and see,
The employees
who sell the Fudge
At the aquarium

The trills of birdies
The glimpse of squirrellies
All pale, next
To the employees
Who sell the Fudge
At the Aquarium

They sell Ice Cream
But those held in Esteem
Are the Smiling Employees
Who sell the Fudge
At the Aquarium

1 comment:

Carol Moore said...

Hi Karen,
I forgot you had a blog and just added you. Now I have got to stop by the aquarium, and by some fudge. I love fudge - yum!
Love your poem!