Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another White Board

This board is near and dear to my heart. It's of Red, aka Merrydown Mr. Persistence, CD, CGC, my current heart dog. I was thrilled on the 20th because he was 12 years old and I thought, cancer free. I took him in today and his cancer has come back. It also looks like it has metastasized to his lungs. He's doing fine at the moment and the vet says he can do lazer surgery to get the bulk of the tumor burned off. I'm opting for pallative care. I didn't know this when I started the picture, was just doing a batch for boutique for the National, guess I have to start over because I don't know if this picture will leave me. It's only a 5x5, done on white ampersand claybord using derwent Inktense colored pencils, graphitint pencils and watercolor pencils.

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