Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Spunky, the picture continues

Burrr, winter is coming. I broke down tonight and put the little portable heater in the kitchen and hung the sheet so just the kitchen stays warm and I'm not trying to heat the whole house. Anyway, the scratching started out rough, but once it warmed up, it smoothed right out. I'm also playing around with a shammie (recommended by another scratcher) and like how it smooths out some of the rough lines (she recommended it for skin). The only distraction tonight was my kitten "Chip" being attached by the plastic bag she was playing with...she looked like a comet streaking away when it grabbed her by the leg, a little black/silver ball of fur with a white tail comet behind her. Fortunately it released (only stuck on her foot) very quickly but it was the perfect length of time to settle her down for the rest of the night. Back to the Spunky Man, I can see he's going to need a lot more scratching to get him as white as he is, but it will get easier and easier.


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