Friday, December 24, 2010

The Crow and the Golden Retriever

I'm still experimenting with the Howlite rock. The Golden Retriever is only about an inch in diameter and the crow is under three inches. The crow's name is Marvin. When I had the store, we used to feed them and several  seagulls. The crows were a distinct family unit and Marvin was a big, gorgeous bird with eyebrows. He had rainbows in his feathers, sort of like an oil slick and everyone treated him with respect. I watched him smack a seagull (and the western gulls are big here) into the ground and tap dance on his/her head. I miss him since the store is gone. There were three seagulls we could recognize, Caca Zabor (mean and nasty, liked to bite other birds and pull feathers), Gabby Hayes (never stopped making comments), and Robert Gullet (ate a mini muffin and you could see it in his throat.

The crow is sold.

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