Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wire Fox Terrier and Commissions

My commissions are gone, all winging their way to their new homes. I learned a lesson while working on these. An artist is always learning, changing. I took nearly a year to do these and my style changed, subtly, but it changed. It left me not as pleased with my art as I originally had planned. I couldn't put my finger on what I disliked and another artist said something about dusting off a two year old board and it came to me, your style is still there, but you change.

Anyway, I got to meet one of the dogs that I had drawn. Her name is Molly and she is a 17 year old Wire Fox Terrier. I love this piece, but did spend every spare moment (and a few not so spare moments) on it this week. I'm very happy with it and am gifting the original to the owners for Christmas. Prints will be available for sale.

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