Sunday, February 01, 2009

English Robin

I'm getting stuff ready for a show in Chicago. It really shows how disorganized I am, I have information I need to send off and cannot find it, so have to re-do it again. I also need to get my artist statement and biography written, and find myself procrastinating. Well, I actually put laundry away, so that's a step in the right direction. I'll also get on this blog more. This is important to me.

Here's a little one that just begged to be done so rather than work on something more tedious I worked on this the other evening. It probably took me about two hours to do. It's an English Robin. The photo was taken by the spectacular pencil/graphite artist Nigel Fuller, from England. It's always wonderful to get a photo from an artist, they know what you're looking for when you start to draw something, no black blob areas or indistinct little fuzzies.

Thanks for looking, he is available for $100 to the first bidder. This includes shipping.


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