Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Learning Curve

I went to an internet class tonight, taught by two of the top webmasters in Lincoln County. There was also a plug for SHOP LOCAL. I did get the t-shirt. Anyway, one thing I learned was that if you have a blog, you have to keep it updated. So, here's my promise to try and update this everyday.
We have a new table in the shop. It's a delightful dark, yet rich wood, with a New Home Treadle base. We'll also be setting up the Beta Max in the morning, right after I get back from picking up framing supplies in the morning. The story with the table and Beta is my neighbor, George, may he rest in peace. George died several weeks ago, now. He was only 62. A small guy, but very private. My neighbor, Bill, is slowly going through his stuff and Shorebirds will be the receipient of some of it. I talked to Bill, tonight. George never threw anything away. He has stuff in his apartment (which they're keeping rented through December so they don't have to rush) from 1970. He had no family, and very few close friends. I'm glad Shorebirds will be getting some of the stuff he treasured, we'll treat it with respect and try to find homes where it will become a treasure again.
The moral of my story here, is, why store all the stuff that someone will throw out when you're gone...save the best and get the rest to a new home. Perhaps, coming into Shorebirds, where we'll treat your stuff as the treasure it is, and find it a new home to both our benefit.
Happy de-stuffing.

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