Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shows, Shows and More Shows and a Wip

Summer is over and the farmer's markets with them. I cannot say that they were very profitable, but they were interesting. However, I have upcoming shows:

Sept 28 and 29...Coastal Artisans, D'Lake School Lincoln City (Juried)

Oct 6 and 7...Pleine Air Festival, Taft District, Lincoln City

Oct 11-14...Eugene Home Show! (Juried)

Nov 2 and 3, Crafts on the Coast (Juried)

Dec 1 and 2, Elks Christmas

Dec 11 and 12, Old Geezers (Juried)

I'm actually picking up a little work and framing jobs to the tune of about one a week. Just did some business cards for someone.

I have two commissions to finish and am going to post a pastel I've been playing with.

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